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 Our Mission

Working together to give every child an excellent education in a caring environment

 Vision for our children

To reach their full potential regardless of their starting points, backgrounds and abilities

To become good people and make a positive contribution to their communities and beyond – be the best they can be

To succeed as lifelong learners now and in the future

To behave well, work hard and have positive attitudes that will enable them to get the most out of their learning and contribute to school-life

To have the skills, knowledge and personal attributes to thrive, flourish, embracing success and challenge

To be curious, active learners who are enthusiastic to acquire knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime


Teachers are good role models, who seize opportunities challenge themselves through cpd and collaborative work


For teachers, children and parents to understand how current skills and next steps will lead us to reach our aspirations

Where there are barriers, we pride ourselves on embracing different approaches and seizing new opportunities to ensure high quality learning for all

Exploit every opportunity to develop children’s core skills and language acquisition and expose children to challenging new vocabulary

Our extra-curricular offer is accessible to all, and responsive to children’s needs, interests and aspirations


Provide explicit curriculum opportunities to support and nurture children’s physical, emotional health, and well-being

Through positive relationships with all stake holders including children, parents, governors and the local community, provide a curriculum that is fit for purpose

Teach the right knowledge and skills in a sequential and systematic way. Ensure that children can apply their knowledge, make connections and remember more

Teaching is rooted in high quality practical and hands-on experiences. Concrete resources are used to enhance learning and enable abstract concepts to become embedded

Subject leaders strive to plan and drive subjects forward, purposefully monitoring and supporting colleagues to ensure consistent high-quality provision

Success Criteria - Our children will develop…

Respect, Resilience, Co-operation, Ambition, Reflection, Empathy, Confidence, Curiosity, Commitment, Friendship, Self-regulation, Independence, Enthusiasm, Brave, Problem-solving, Responsible, Perseverance, Grateful, Good humour, Concentration, Optimism, Organised, Creativity, Integrity, Kindness, Politeness, Self-belief, Questioning, Reasoning, Listening and communication

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


This is the new curriculum that we have developed in response to the introduction by the Government of the New National Curriculum.  Below are the themes taught in our school.





Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6


Orange & Yellow

Marvellous Me

Festivals & Celebrations

Traditional Tales



Summer Days


Class 1 & 2

People Who Help Us

Festivals & Celebrations

Julia Donaldson

Under the Sea

Our World

Things That Grow

Year 1

Class 3 & 4

Weather and Seasons

We are Amazing




Seaside Holidays

Year 2

Class 5 & 6

Great Fire of London


Food around the World

Famous People

Animal Survival


Year 3

Class 7 & 8


Cycles of Life

The Stone Age

The Bronze Age

The  Iron Age

Forces of Nature

Year 4

Class 9 & 10




Ancient Greece


Richard III

Year 5

Class 11 & 12

Changing Materials




Anglo Saxons Vikings

Space Race

Year 6

Class 13, 14 & 15

Industrial Revolution


The Great Victorians

Lights, Camera, Action

The Living World

World War II


Though most of our work will be taught around these themes, some skills and knowledge will have to be taught separately.


Nursery and Reception follow the curriculum as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document.

Find out more about what each year group will be learning this year by clicking below or contacting your child's class teacher.

The DfE (Department for Education) has recently produced a new guide for parents 'What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage' (formerly) 'What to expect when' which guides parents through what to expect in their child's development. It aligns with the new Development Matters produced in 2021.  Please click on the EYFS link above to view this guide.