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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports Premium 2018 -2019




Impact and Sustainability

Breakfast club coaching


External coach to run sessions every morning offering a range of activities and sports.



The amount of children attending Breakfast Club has sustained through embedding the coaching into every Breakfast Club Session.

For 40+ children there has been an additional 40 minutes of exercise added to their day.

 Sports Premium will continue to be used towards Breakfast Club Coaching as a way of increasing children's level of activity.

Lunchtime club coaching


External coach to run sessions every lunchtime for children across the school




KS1 and Reception children have successfully been involved in the Lunchtime Club. Each year group has the opportunity to attend multisport with some year groups getting double slots on alternate weeks.

The club is full each day with increased enthusiasm from the children wanting to take part. 

This adds an extra half an hour of physical activity to 40 children's level of activity each day. 5 hours of extra activity offered to the children each week.

Sports Premium will continue to be used towards Breakfast Club Coaching as a way of increasing children's level of activity.

Football Teams


To continue to run the boys’ and girls’ football teams.



£80 transport per match x 20 = £1600

Participation fee = £350

Staffing cost = £710.00

An increase in the number of children attending training sessions and after school football clubs.

After School Clubs have been full with some children attending the club for each cycle (all year). Coach has commented on the improvements individual children have made after attending the club. 

The Boys and Girls football team have successfully taken part in the Leicester League and Celsian Cup.

Football continues to be embedded into the school with regular celebrations of the teams tournaments in assemblies and children wanting to join the Football Team when they reach Year 5&6. 

Football has contributed to promoting the key values of the school showing good examples of resilience, determination and hard work. These examples have been shared with the school in assembly.

Sports Premium will be used to continue to embed Football into the School. 

Gymnastics CPD for staff


Training to be given to all staff through 2 staff meetings (FS and KS1, KS2 separate).



Staff had a very positive response to the CPD training.

Lessons have been observed with aspects from the Training seen. 

Staff have requested more training to extend their CPD in this area. Sports Premium will be used next year to offer blocks of gymnastic training to different year groups. 

After school sports clubs


To offer a range of sports clubs throughout the academic year. 5 days a week




£5,250 (paid to coaches)

£4,500 (contribution from children)

There has been many sporting opportunities for children to take part in this year.

Over 50% of clubs each cycle were sport based to encourage more activity. The sports clubs were popular with a high attendance. Free sports clubs were always full.

Children have the opportunity to try a range of physical clubs each week. This has added an extra hour of activity a day.

There has been an increase in the variety of sports offered across the year with 12 different sports clubs being available. 

Staff will continue to run free sports clubs and money will be used to continue paid clubs. We will act on the success of clubs by aiming to offer one club that can lead to a competitive event next. 


Taster sessions


To introduce taster afternoons for a range of new sports.



Across the school all children experience a new sport;

Bikability – Foundation Stage

Trampolining – Year 1 and 2

Ultimate Frisbee – Year 3

Uni Hoc – Year 4

Table Tennis – Year 5

Fencing – Year 6

This has contributed towards 18 different sport opportunities being offered to children across the school both during and after school.

Each sport adds an hour of extra activity to the day.

These will continue next year using funding to promote different sports. 

Holiday clubs

 To run successful clubs at Scraptoft Valley Primary school during the holidays.




£1,500 (paid to holiday club)

£1000 (received – hire fee)

School pay £5 per child per day to support costings for parents.

More children are active during the holidays when they are away from school activities.

58% of the children that attended holiday clubs were from Scraptoft Valley Primary School. This adds 6 hours of daily activity during the holidays to the children who attended. 


                            Total - £19,817




Total given to school in 2017-18 = £19,540

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?

N.B. Even though your children may swim in another year please report on their attainment on leaving

primary school.


What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]?


Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?