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Scraptoft Valley Primary School originally opened in 1956 as two separate schools, Scraptoft Valley Infant School and Scraptoft Valley Junior School. One of the first pupils at the school now works here as a dining supervisor.



Below are the first pages from the school logs written by the Headteachers of the two schools.

1984 : In 1984 planning permission was agreed for alterations to the Infant and Junior schools to create Scraptoft Valley Primary School. These included a covered link to join the two schools. This is sometimes called the galley.


2006 : We celebrated the school being open for 50 years.


2012 : Four new permanent classrooms were built and a community room created. This has helped accommodate the growing number of pupils.

Memories of Scraptoft Valley Primary School


On my first day of school I was really scared. That all changed when I met a friend, Alex. We have been friends all the way through school.
Stephen left in 2013


On a trip to the zoo, we saw lots of animals and creatures from different parts of the world! I liked the trip because we got to learn facts about animals.
Dean left in 2013


Science day was brilliant, we investigated how we measured time, but then there was a massive thunder storm and the school entrance flooded.
Francisco left in 2013


On medieval day we had to pull a sword out of a stone. Only three members of the class managed it.
Tennessy left in 2013


We adapted a poem by Michael Rosen ‘The Hamburger’ but we called it ‘The Horse Burger’. We performed the poem in front of the school and Francisco was very funny in the lead role.
Kolby left in 2013


The day I first started this school is my favourite memory. I liked making friends and meeting new people.
Ziyad left in 2013


I was in the house group Scott. Along with my two sisters we won the long jump competition every year we were at Scraptoft valley primary School. I enjoyed pottery and in needlework we made a rag doll and an embroidery collage. I was honoured with the pupil of the year cup in 1974.
Shirley left in 1974


I have only happy memories of my time at Scraptoft Valley.
Alison left in 1975


We did lots of sport. I was in the netball and rounders teams.
Kathryn left 1981

What did they do next?

Children from this school have been very successful and many have gone on to university and got degrees in subjects such as law, history and education. Others have successfully completed apprenticeships in everything from plastering to public services.


We know of pupils who have become:

Business owners, childminders, scaffolders, roofers, teaching assistants, shop workers, electricians, office workers, teachers, hairdressers, delivery drivers, pub workers, plasterers, estimaters for car repairs, plumbers, accountants, mortgage advisors, nurses, midwives, bank workers, graphic designers, police constables and university tutors/workers.


Others have:

Owned their own hairdressing salon, worked in aerospace in the USA, become parents, grandparents and great grandparents of our current pupils.


If you are a past pupil or member of staff and could add to this page please contact the school. We would love to hear from you.