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School Values

Welcome to Scraptoft Valley


Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.



Every school has a philosophy and ethos, developed over time and informed by key educational experts and research findings.  These underpin the work of the school and impact on progress.  Our ethos is summarised in our Mission statement. 


Mission Statement 

'Working together to give every child an excellent education in a caring environment.'


We aim to ensure that all our pupils make excellent progress, regardless of their background, and develop into good citizens who have skills for life for example creativity, reflection, resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility and respect.  


We aim to help children develop into fully rounded, secure, fulfilled adults who are excellent citizens in our global community.  


We celebrate the diversity of our community and work collaboratively in the best interest of our children.

We always strive for the best, developing our curriculum and strategic direction based on research, best practice and experience to ensure the best outcomes for our children. 


Headteacher’s Statement 

We want your child to be as happy as possible in our school, and to learn as much as they are able so that they can choose from the many opportunities which will come their way in their future lives. We need your support in helping your child to do the very best that they can, and look forward to working together with you and your family. We hear many stories of how well children from our school have done as they have moved on to Secondary School and have grown into adults. We want you to feel that your child is safe, cared for and happy, and that they will have the best possible education in our school. 


Miss L. Craig 



We teach the children British Values as outlined in our policy.

Photo Gallery

This photo gallery was made by the School Council and Eco Committee. They thought carefully about what they would like to show you and this is the result of all their hard work!