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December 2018

Parent Workshops took place from Nursery all the way up to Year 6. Lots of fun was had by everyone and there were some very creative things happening.

Nursery and Reception had a Christmassy workshop making Christmas decorations for the tree and creating snowmen too!

Year 1 had a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme and created snowflake patterns, snowmen and some fun spiral tree decorations.

Year 2 learnt all about ‘Food Around the World’ and had fun designing their own menus from their chosen country.

In Year 3, the focus was ‘Life Cycles’ and children made leaf collages and watercolour paintings of flowers. They even made information sheets about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies.

Year 4 learnt all about ‘Ancient Egypt’ and used clay to create their own canopic jars. They also designed some interesting Egyptian jewellery.

In Year 5, children learnt about the daily lives in Anglo-Saxon times. They had a go at weaving and creating their own stencil to ‘print’ onto a shield.

Year 6 created clay skulls as part of their work on ‘The Living World.’ They made stands to put the skulls and put them on display in their classrooms.